How to add comments to your assigned job.

If you have a question regarding a certain job that has been assigned to you, or in case you need to include some vital information, then you can simply add a comment through Bfantastic. Here is how to do it:
1. First, choose the specific job.
Jobs screen
2. Then, tap the ‘GO TO JOB’ button.
'Go to job' button on the job info screen
3. In order to add any notes or questions, simply tap on the comment icon Add comment and a pop-up will appear.
Add a comment option
4. Type in your comment and tap the ‘ADD’ button.
Add comment pop-up
Your comment will be attached to the client’s file in our system and we will read it. A staff member of ours will make sure to provide you with the necessary information in case you have a question.
5. You will see a confirmation pop-up which means that your comment has been added successfully.
Comment successfully sent confirmation message
In case you don’t have a connection to the Internet at the time when you are creating your content, your comment will be saved and added as soon as your device is connected.
Comments are saved and will be send when you're back online - message