Check in and Check out of a job

It is very important that you check in and check out of a job. This way we are able to verify that you have started or finished a certain job, and we can ensure that your payments will be accurate.

Please carefully follow the steps described below when you arrive at an address and you are about to begin work.
Once you are at the address and you are ready to start working, go to ‘Jobs’.

How to check in to a job

1. Choose the specific job.
Jobs screen
2. Tap the button ‘GO TO JOB’.
'Go to job' button on the job info screen
3. Tap the big green ‘Check in’ button to start the job.
Job check in screen
When you tap the green button, it will change to a blue ‘Check Out’ button and the timer will begin to count the time you are spending on the job.
Job check out screen
Please do NOT tap the blue ‘Check Out’ button before you’re done with all the work.

How to check out of a job

1. When you are done with the job and you’re ready to leave the address, tap the blue ‘Check Out’ button.
Job check out screen - Finish the job button
2. A confirmation pop-up will come out. Tap the ‘YES’ button.
Check out confirmation message
3. A short checklist pop-up may appear. Please answer all the questions and tap ‘Send’.
Job check out checklist
4. A ‘Job Report’ pop-up will appear. Please fill in the amount of money you’ve collected in cash as a payment for the job. In case the payment was made with a card, fill in ‘0’ and tap ‘Send’.
Job check out report pop-up
If you see the screen shown bellow, then you’ve successfully completed the job and you are ready to move on to the next one!
Job completed screen