I can’t call/send SMS to the client.

If you are trying to contact the client by calling them or sending an SMS through the icons but you are unable to, please pay attention to the message that pops up on your screen. Usually, it’s one of the following situations:
Contact the client option on job info screen

You have limited access:

Calls are disabled due to limited access messageSMS is disabled due to limited access message

If you think you should be granted this type of access, then please discuss the matter with your supervisor. In case you are a partner, then please talk to your account manager about this.

The client can only be contacted on the day of their service:

We respect the privacy of our clients. That is why calling them is only possible on the day when the service is supposed to be provided.

Calling the client can only be done on the day of the service message

In case the situation is urgent and you really do need to provide some vital information, then please contact the office and we will handle the communication.

Landline numbers can't receive SMS:

Basically, the number that the client has provided is a landline and an SMS can’t be received.

We can't send a SMS to a landline message

You have two options, either try to call the client or contact the office to handle the communication.

The client does not wish to be called/texted:

If you see the following screen, this means that the client has specified that they wish to receive either only calls or only texts.

Client doesn't accept text messages Client doesn't accept calls

So, simply choose the contact option they prefer. Alternatively, you can call the office so we can handle the communication.